Reasons To Start Your Advertising Campaign In January

No matter what you wished for and what you are planning to achieve in 2019, success and prosperity are probably part of the package. Especially so if you are the owner of a business that you need to develop. So why not take a head start and launch an advertising campaign to spread the word right now? If you are not sure that starting an advertising campaign in January is a good idea, here are some advantages of getting an early start that might make you want to reconsider:

Increased Demand

We all like to “turn over a new page” with the beginning of a new year. This could include taking up a new hobby, getting back into activities we’ve been slacking on, replenishing stocks of food and household items, or booking vacations in advance. It’s at the beginning of a year that people make the most purchases with long-term goals in mind. Don’t miss your chance to offer your unique product or service to interested audience while they are still full of enthusiasm!

Effective Sales

People love (and expect) a winter sale after the holiday rush is over, so you will be able to catch their attention with a good bargain easily. And the “New Collection”/”New in Stock” tag? Works like a charm. No matter what your product is, the beginning of a new year is a good reason to advertise a discount.


January establishes the trends for the entire year. This is the time of “Top 10” lists, predictions and recommendations. Be the first one to make a statement that 2019 will be the year of your product, and customers will flock to you!


The beginning of the year is also the time when most people plan their future activities. Cater to the “new year, new me” crowd by offering them products and services to make their journey towards goal fulfillment more enjoyable and effective. Focusing on the aspects of how your product or service can bring order to customers’ lives and help them achieve their resolutions will be especially effective this early in the year.

Reaching Out To Your Customers

Make contact with your target audience while they are at their most energetic. Try to get people to engage with your brand by asking questions, running polls, or even advertising product giveaways. The “help us improve in the new year” aspect is a good tactic that attracts attention – make use of it while it’s relevant.

Don’t miss your chance to use the advertising tactics that keep proving their effectiveness year after year. Very soon, January will be over, so jump into this particular window of opportunity before it closes! Contact us, and we’ll help you start your new year with a great advertising campaign.

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